My friends who live in the computer…

I’m sure many of us have friends who we’ve never met in person, or maybe only a handful of times.  Friends where most of our relationship happens on Facebook, message boards, random chats, and text.  It’s a way of life now, and has been for quite some time.

In August of 2001, I joined a message board on MSN for expecting mothers.  There were so many women on that board, it was hard to get to know everyone, but over time, I at least knew names and a little about their pregnancies.  MSN shut down their message boards eventually and after a few reincarnations over several years, our group found a permanent home {at least virtually} in late 2006.  In those early years, many came and went, but most stayed.  Now it’s 2013, and our group isn’t as active as it used to be, because we have older children with full schedules.  Facebook has taken over a lot of our day-to-day contact too.  And many who used to be stay-at-home moms have rejoined the workforce.  I’ve been guilty of being far less active myself this year, with Droopy Daisy taking up so much of my time.

But lately, I’ve spent a lot of time in our group, as we rally around one of our own who is fighting an unimaginable fight.

She thought she was sick with allergies and asthma.  She went to the hospital after being sick for so long.  She found out she had Stage 4 cancer riddling her body.  And that was less than two weeks ago.  And now she fights for her life, her lungs filling up with fluid, having to be on a ventilator to breathe, not being able to have her cancer treated because other concerns are more emergent.  She has two young children.  And a husband who loves her.  And she is my friend.

She is my friend who I mostly know through the computer, but whom I’ve met in person too.  She came to my wedding reception.  I was so excited she shared that special day with us.  She’s an amazing woman, mother to a daughter with some special needs, and let me tell you, she has fought FIERCELY for that little girl.

My friend is young, too young for her body to be in this condition.  My friend was healthy, very into health and fitness and concerned with every morsel she ate.  My friend is loved by so many, so many hearts are breaking watching her fight this battle.

My friend needs prayers, my friend needs petitions to the Father for healing.  These little children need their mother.  She needs to stay with us.

Pray for Misti.  I love her very much.



  1. I really hope that one day we won’t have to hear the diagnosis of cancer. It needs to be cured, and I believe it can be cured. My grandfather died a long, slow death from lung cancer caused by asbestosis and mesothelioma and watching him go from someone who was constantly laughing to someone in pain when he laughed was dreadful. No one should see someone in that condition. And little children should never have to see their mother fighting to breath. I am praying for your friend…and sending you and her family much love!

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