Droopy Daisy’s Treasure Hunters – 1st Edition

Droopy Daisy’s Treasure Hunters – 1st Edition

Here are our five contenders for our first edition of Treasure Hunters. The rules were: 1. Buy something at a yard sale, tag sale, or estate sale this weekend. Thrift stores and flea markets rock, too, but we’ll limit ourselves for this contest. It needs to be bought in a non-store environment and can’t be […]


It’s Father’s Day.  And every Father’s Day, I become very sad.  My Daddy was taken from me when I was only 23 years old, and he was only 46.  It was sudden and horrible and if I let myself go back and think about that phone call, I become basically incoherent for a period of […]

My friends who live in the computer…

I’m sure many of us have friends who we’ve never met in person, or maybe only a handful of times.  Friends where most of our relationship happens on Facebook, message boards, random chats, and text.  It’s a way of life now, and has been for quite some time. In August of 2001, I joined a […]

Paint is so fun.

I picked this little beauty up at an estate sale almost a month ago, and finally pulled her out of the furniture hoard to paint yesterday.  Isn’t she just adorable?  I painted her, then distressed her, and then added a clear wax. Here’s some detail: I love natural chalk/clay/mineral paint for so many reasons – […]

Summer has begun!

This week was the first full week of summer vacation. It meant sleeping in {at least a little bit} and daily trips to the pool for my older son’s swimming lessons.  Well, I’m not allowed to call them “lessons” but I am allowed to call it “swim class.”  I don’t know why he is so […]

If her dad calls me, I’ll lose it – and other things I say to my tweenager.

It’s been an interesting few weeks around our household.  The end of school is just around the corner, four dreadfully long days away.  I can almost taste the freedom of sleeping in, not having to worry about making lunches, not having to ensure gym clothes are clean, not running hither and yon for whatever project […]