Better Days

Typically when I hear the phrase “better days,” I think of a time in the past.  But for one particular piece of furniture, I think its better days are now, and not 1962 when it was manufactured, or ten years ago, when it was butchered by an amateur funiture refinisher.

About three weeks ago, I met up with a lady who was selling a hutch on a local yard sale site.  I talked her down to $100 and hubby picked it up for me.  I was going to keep it for myself…but then I had the opportunity to open a booth in a local store (more on that in another post) and I decided she should be a display piece.Image

Here’s just a glimpse of how ugly she was…this is the bottom, after coming into my garage.  The front doors also had the same sad cacti.  So hideous.  But, I had a vision.

I painted her in Maison Blanche Franciscan Gray and used a dark wax.  I stenciled a silhouette of my logo on the doors and added “crystal” hardware…

And here she is!  I’m naming her “Bette” because these are her BETTER DAYS 🙂

She is absolutely not for sale 🙂




We did remove two front doors so my customers could reach the merchandise more easily.  Those will be repurposed into art 🙂

I have another display piece to finish and then I can open my booth!  I can’t wait to tell you all about that!!






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