Taquito Ephiphany


I have an addiction that involves delicious bacon, cheese made in a factory where one of my best friends works, and scrambled eggs, all warm and wrapped up lovingly in a tortilla.  It’s called a taquito and the best ones are from Whataburger.  I am there several days a week feeding my addiction.  Yes, I know I could make it myself, but that’s a lot of work for breakfast for just me.  And there’s something about that Whataburger cheese (it’s REAL cheese ya know, I asked the person who makes it.  I kinda love her.)

Anyway, I was there today, Friday April 19th.  I pulled up to pay and the lady (who knows me by now I’m sure) told me that the fella in front of me had paid for my food.  SWEET!!  Free breakfast!  Instantly, I felt compelled to pay for the person behind me (unless they were ordering like 976 taquitos or something) so I asked to pay for hers.  It was $2 cheaper than mine.  Score!  Hooray for me!  Basically, that made the bacon FREE and I’m not sure if there’s anything that is more perfect than FREE bacon.  Try me.  Whatcha got to compete with that???

So, I pulled up and got my food and glanced behind me as I watched the same scene play out.  I saw the person behind me paying for something…maybe the person behind HER or maybe just another extra taquito (they are that good).  I’ll never know.  I’m going to tell myself she paid for the one behind her and that the chain is still in effect, now, an hour later.

But here’s where I had the epiphany.  As I drove away, I began to think that yeah, what I did was pretty cool and all, but I was just following along.  Someone ELSE started the chain.  Someone ELSE had the idea.  Someone ELSE had to pay for his food AND the person behind him.  I saved a couple bucks by doing my “good deed.”  The one who started the chain did not.  It took effort on his part – not so much on mine.

Here’s the thing.  Lots of times we are only nice & kind because someone else has put the example out there for us.  Someone else has started “it.”  How often do we take it upon ourselves to start a pay it forward chain in the drive-thru?  Not often.  But most of us will keep one going once it’s started.  (Who wants to be the jerk who ends it??)

This world is a sad place, especially lately.  A child killed by a bomb in a city in America, just trying to watch his dad cross a finish line.  Madness in our streets.  Terrible acts of violence.  And then there’s the accidents – plants exploding and killing untold numbers of people.  But there’s always more helpers than bad folks; there’s always more trying to do good.  Always.

So, my epiphany was this – I need to start going first – being the first one to pay it forward, not just falling in line.  I need to go out of my way to be helpful and it needs to come from the heart.  I need to seek out opportunities to be a Grinstigator (I’m coining this phrase right now). 

Can you be a Grinstigator?  What can you do to make someone else smile?  To make them happy?  To restore their faith in humanity in a world as crazy as ours?  To show God’s love?  I’d love to hear your Grinstigator stories – stories where you STARTED something good.  Come on, tell me.


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