Who am I?

So many times, I read blogs or I “like” pages on Facebook, and I wonder about the person behind them. They might post a funny status or a humorous picture or a great idea and put a smile on my face, and it leads me to wonder if I’d like them in ‘real’ life. I’ve posted before about my crafty history, but never really much about who I am or what I stand for, and I seek to remedy that with this post.

My name is Jamie. I’m freshly 36 years old, and I’m married with two boys from different decades. My oldest is on the brink of eleven…my baby is almost sixteen months old. It was never my intention to have my kids so far apart, but that’s how they were loaned to me, so I’ll take ’em! We would love to have one more, if we are able – and clearly, I need a girl to make hairbows for. Otherwise, I will have the most spoiled granddaughters on the planet someday. My hubby is an electrician and one of the hardest working people I have ever met – and a wonderful daddy. My oldest is into Minecraft and reading books and still loves Legos. My youngest says “Yeah Hi” fifty-seven thousand times a day, is trying to win the Gold Medal in food throwing distance, and believes that shoes and socks are instruments of torture. We have one puppy named Scout, a chocolate & caramel Miniature Schnauzer who appreciates the baby’s food throwing immensely.

We live in the great state of Texas, a few short miles from where the Rangers kick baseball booty, next to a pond where hungry ducks greet us every time we step outside, demanding a cup or two of Flock Raiser. Don’t ever start feeding ducks – they are demanding and not as forgetful as you wish they’d be. We live at the very bottom of the Metroplex, and once you go past our house you are out of Dallas/Fort Worth and in the country. It’s a super awesome spot, with as much city as you’d ever want to the north, and as much country as you need to the south.

Before I became Droopy Daisy, I was a manager at a bank. I started at the bank fresh out of college and worked there for 11 years, moving up the ranks. After I had the littlest one, I didn’t go back to work. The sacrifices were worth it to me, since I know well how quickly they grow up and how precious those first few years are. It would be unfathomable to miss that, for me. However, after the first few months of being home, I started to call my husband every day telling him how bored I was. How I needed SOMETHING to do. How cleaning and diapering and cooking were just not cutting it for my super overactive brain. So, Droopy Daisy was born – a perfect outlet for my creativity, a distraction from diapers and grocery shopping, a way to bring a little cash flow into the household – all while my little sidekick plays happily along beside me! What could be better? (Obviously doing all of this while eating gallons of ice cream and remaining a size 2 would be better.)

Why the name Droopy Daisy? A lot of folks think the name is DroopSy Daisy. Nope. It was honestly just something I came up with one day. I love alliteration. I love daisies. And I think that even beautiful daisies have droopy moments when they need a little sun to inspire them. They are still the same pretty daisy deep inside when they are droopy, though. I hope Droopy Daisy can be inspiring, too.

What else is important to know about me?

I love God and I’d love to talk to you about Him. I have naturally curly hair with a little too much gray lately. I’m short. My favorite craft is jewelrymaking, but I don’t do it enough. I really dislike cooking but I try to pretend I like it so my husband doesn’t feel guilty for asking for dinner. When my boys are playing together, I feel like my heart is going to flutter out of my chest and fly up to the sky and start singing. I have amazing friends who support me through thick and thin. I love thrift stores and I hate the song about them. I stand up for what I believe in even if it makes other people uncomfortable. I’m a germaphobe. I wish I had a pet pig who didn’t poo or pee. My idea of a great day is a pedicure, shopping, lunch, and a nap. It embarrasses me that I don’t know how to sew. It took me 35 years to learn how to make a pretty fluffy bow. I wish I had a store – a real place for folks to come and see me and shop and have fun. I don’t go outside as much as I should (duck stalkers). I eat way too many bacon, egg, and cheese taquitos from Whataburger. I hope Daryl Dixon is a real person who will save my family during a zombie apocalypse. I believe every house should have one beach-themed restroom. My craft room often looks like Hobby Lobby with tornado damage. I will put vinyl on anything that doesn’t move. And some things that do. I like taking things that others would have thrown away and making them into something to keep forever. I love snuggling with my boys. If I could only listen to one recording artist from here on out, it would be John Mayer. Closely followed by Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews. I love sweet tea. I’m happy to see lace dresses on trend because they make me smile. I believe you can’t be trusted if you don’t own at least one pair of cowboy boots. I try my best to make something new every single day.

But not food.



  1. I absolutely love this! We have so much in common 🙂

  2. Jamie!! After reading this, I know I would like you “in real life”!! I love your description of Droopy Daisy and I know we’d have a blast pickin’ together. Can’t wait to see what kind of treasures you’ll post next. From your fellow crafter in North Carolina, wishing you continued success. 🙂

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