Estate Sale Fun!

Estate Sale Fun!

I’ve only gone to a handful of estate sales in my life, and never on purpose.  It has always been a random thing where I’ve seen a sign and stopped in, perusing the leftovers.  Lately, with my obsession for thrifting and “popping tags,” I’ve really been thinking a lot about doing more estate sales, but most of them advertise “no children.”  I have a cling-on who I must bring.  I heard about a sale this week with no such stipulation and found a friend who wanted to come with me, so off we went!

The house was in north Dallas, and amazingly had only one owner since it was built in 1971.  A couple of signs on the wall had names of folks who lived there, a lady born in 1901 and a man born in 1912.  I’m not sure if they were the last residents of the house or if perhaps it was their child, but nonetheless, it was a perfect house for some pickin’!  The owner was moved into a facility and was downsizing (I prefer hearing that to hearing they’ve passed on personally!).

I was lured there by a picture of gorgeous milk cans, stowed away in an attic for who knows how many years.  My main goal was claiming one.  I succeeded.  And I got another old Samsonite suitcase for displaying items at craft shows!


Here the beauty is, safely inside my garage!

But let me back up…because I know many of you are curious about the mechanics of the sale.  The start time was 10am.  We arrived a few minutes before and formed an orderly line in front of the door.  A couple minutes after 10, we were let in.  Before I could get inside, the pros were already piling things up – and mind you there were only about ten of us in line!  I guess the trick is to scan the pictures and know exactly what room you want to go into first.

I was in panic mode until I knew I had a milk can for myself.  After that, I walked around the house looking at furniture items.  We were given Post-Its to write our name to claim items.  Next time I will probably bring a stack with my name already written down, so as not to waste time!  Many items I liked already had stickies on them before I could get to them, and there was hardly anyone there…so you gotta be quick!

I went all over the house several times, trying to make sure I saw everything.  One box of thread caught my eye.  And when I saw the buttons, I was sold.


Look at all that thread!!


Jar of buttons.  I adore buttons.

One thing I had seen on Facebook and wanted desperately was a little shelf.  It was marked $50 but I wasn’t about to pay that.  I had my hand on it, waiting to talk to the estate sale dude about the price, when this “pro” estate sale lady walked by and mentioned that she wanted it to chalk paint.  I politely told her it was mine.  She was wearing gloves.  There’s another tip for ya.  I will be wearing gloves from now on!


Love the lines on it!  The Maison Blanche chalk paint has been procured, so stay tuned for a bloggy reveal of this little beauty!

Oh, and yeah, I got what I came for…plus a few bonus items!Image

Old patterns in the box with thread and buttons!


And a couple calendars from 1982!

I’m pretty sure that box had been in the attic since around 1982.  The bottom of the box was full of spiderwebs, lizard or snake egg shells (yuck!), and other things we won’t mention here.  But it was worth it 🙂

I also rifled through the library and found an antique grammar book – I’m a sucker for those.

All told, I spent $60 for a large milk can, a shelf, a book for my collection, a great suitcase, a ton of thread and buttons, and a few random surprises!

I am officially addicted and plan to try to attend two sales a month going forward!!  Child friendly ones for sure 🙂



  1. i LOVE THAT SHELF! I may have to try some estate sales now!

  2. Very cool finds! How do you find out about estate sales in the area?

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