Funky Finds Wrap-Up

Funky Finds Wrap-Up


This past weekend, I had a blast.  See that pic up there?  That’s three months of HARD work.  I signed up for the Funky Finds show in January with absolutely NO product to sell.  I have always loved going to craft shows, and even did a few “back in the day.”  I always knew that at some point in the future, I’d do them again.  I decided to challenge myself, and I think I rose to that thar challenge.

Did I sell everything I made?  No, not quite.

I sold enough to make it worth my while, I think.  I got to spend twelve solid hours with one of my best friends ever – and that is priceless.  I got to meet a lot of new people and teach a bunch of kids what washi tape is.  Some of my crafty babies went to new homes, and I’m happy about that.

Here’s some more pics…


Coasters and more coasters…they looked so pretty spilling out of the old suitcase onto the table!

IMG_3362[1] IMG_3363[1]

More of my display – my “Droopy Daisy” pennant banner was much admired…as were my lace walls.  I had a little bit of jewelry, but not much.


This super clever shelf housed the Make & Take!  Kids grabbed one of the pre-painted, pre-hung wooden signs and were allowed to decorate with washi tape, chipboard flowers, and a million paint pens.  They loved it!  If they passed the crafty challenge (they all did), they got bubbles!  And a few even got posted to my Facebook page 🙂

IMG_3365[1] IMG_3367[1] IMG_3370[1]

More product – the hymnal art was a smashing success.  There’s another look at those pretty coasters!

IMG_3377[1] IMG_3381[1]

And finally, here’s me…and my assistant is in pink.  I love her.

And, I love you guys.

I’m completing Easter basket orders today and tomorrow and then I’m back in the blogging game.  I have a project I’m working on AS WE TYPE that, if all goes well, will be blogged about later this week.

Until then, keep it crafty!




  1. I’m glad everything went well. The booth looks great and you both look super cute!

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