i-Top Tool Review

i-Top Tool Review

A few months ago, I was flipping through a jewelrymaking magazine and came across a bracelet made with lollipop wrappers.  The wrappers had been turned into buttons with something known as the i-Top Tool.  I had to have one, of course.  I waited and waited for them to go on sale, but they never did.  Finally, for my birthday, I treated myself to one at Hobby Lobby for $32.99 and then used a 40% off coupon.  At Michael’s, they are $39.99.  I also bought several packs of “button daddies” to make buttons – medium sized (22 mm).  These come in packs of 8 for about $3.99 – a good thing to stock up on when you have one of those “30% off your entire purchase” coupons!


Here’s the i-Top.


It comes with a small and medium head.  I took off the small one so here you just see the medium one (it unscrews easily).  I bought large-sized buttons too but didn’t know I needed to buy the extra head for that separately.  Kinda silly – charge me a couple bucks extra and give me all three sizes, amiright?  Especially when the “medium” size is really just a normal button size.  I likely won’t ever mess around with “small.”


I took some fabric I had and cut it into 2 inch squares and then rough-cut a circle out of each square.  These “circles” do not need to be perfect.  You can trim them down later if needed.  These are the button “daddies.”  You can also get badges (with a pin), brads (to stick through paper), or magnets.  I like buttons.


The first thing you do is slap the top part of the button daddy onto the smaller head of the tool.


Then lay your “circle” on top of the head.


Smash it by squeezing the handle.


It will look like this when you release.

You need to tuck in these edges.  There is no picture of me doing this because I only have two hands.  You can lift up on the top part of the tool and twist the head to turn it sideways and trim off any extra if your circle is way too big.  Once you’ve got it all tucked in, take the back and stick it on the opposite side with the button back facing outward.  When you smash them together you will hear and feel a click.  The button back is sliding under the lip of the head and securing your fabric (or paper or lollipop wrapper).


You will end up with lots of unique, fun, fancy buttons to use for whatever purpose you desire!  I’m going to make a bracelet with mine, I think.  I’m also considering doing one with burlap and denim buttons and making a bracelet out of that, too.  And maybe a little lace…quite fancy, eh?

The magnet idea is nice…but bottlecap magnets are cheaper to make.  The badge idea might be cool if I could think of a reason to do it.

All in all, the i-Top is a fun toy to have around, I just wish the “daddies” weren’t so expensive!


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