How to Frame a Canvas

How to Frame a Canvas

Do you know how expensive it is to get canvases professionally framed?

Trust me, it’s expensive. Even with coupons and deals.

It’s much cheaper to frame canvases yourself…and it’s super easy, actually.

I watched a few tutorials and did my research to frame a canvas I needed completed for an upcoming event.

Here’s the materials you’ll need:

Finished canvas

Empty frame to fit (mine was 16X20)

Bag of offset clips (check by the canvases in your craft store, they are usually around $2 for eight clips/screws)


Screwdriver or Drill

Double stick tape (photo safe!)

Roll of kraft paper

Scissors or razor blade

Staple gun


  • Remove all hanging hardware or anything else from the back of the frame. You need a clean, flat surface.
  • Lay the canvas inside the frame.
  • Install the offset clips. I did two per side. Screw them down tightly.


  • Place double-stick tape all around the edges of the frame.


  • Cover the back of the frame with kraft paper. Smooth down each side making sure the paper adheres.
  • Use a razor blade or very sharp scissors to remove excess kraft paper.


  • Make a small cut in the center of the kraft paper and make a small diamond shaped hole (about two inches across) for the canvas to breathe. (I didn’t do this step since my picture is going to be moved around a lot; I didn’t want it to tear. My canvas is not a painting so it shouldn’t be an issue.)
  • Replace the hanging hardware (or add some if your frame didn’t include any).
  • Staple around the edges a few times.
  • Hang and enjoy!





  1. You make it look easy! great explanation!

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