RSV is an evil stinky thing.

Sorry I have been so MIA lately!  It is certainly not intentional.

I’m a pretty busy lady in general, but having a little one sick with RSV throws a big wrench into my crazy life.

I had heard about RSV and known other kids who have had it in the past, but I guess I didn’t really realize what a nasty bug it is.  It struck my little one hard and fast and he’s still not back to his normal rambunctious self yet.  He needs lots and lots of momma cuddles.  And I’ve tried hard to be a “yes mom” while he’s sick.

So, between playing nurse and normal mom and wife duties, my volunteer work, preparing for a craft show in 25 days, celebrating my birthday, helping start up a new church down here in Mansfield, and all of the other things I do, blogging fell to the wayside.

I can’t promise that won’t happen again, only that it’s never without good reason 🙂

I have tons and gobs of ideas for Droopy Daisy and this blog and so much more just oozing out of my brain…someday we’ll get around to it all.

Right now, it’s time for a nightcap of coffee and then bed. 

Right after I clean up the house and start another load of laundry, of course 😉





  1. My twins had RSV when they were babies, thankfully just a mild case though. Hope your little one feels completely better soon!

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