Canton “First Monday” Flea Market FUN!

Canton “First Monday” Flea Market FUN!

So, this past weekend, my husband treated me to an afternoon of fun in Canton, Texas! Canton is home to what is proclaimed to be the largest flea market in the United States. You certainly would be hard-pressed to see it all in one day, and I did not see anything remotely close to all of it in the five hours we were there. I plan to go back in March or April and spend way more time! Also, I forgot my memory card for my good camera, so please pardon my iPhone pics. I didn’t realize my mistake until we were already there and had already paid $5 to park. And I certainly didn’t want to waste daylight running out to get a silly memory card!

Canton’s “First Monday Trade Days” are held the weekend before the first Monday of every month, but aren’t actually open on Mondays. They open up on Thursday, but some vendors don’t open til Friday. Then, they start packing up around 4 o’clock on Sundays. The best day to go is Friday, before the good stuff sells and the crowds roll in on Saturday. I will definitely try to go on Friday next time!

Canton spans over 100 acres that are filled with hundreds upon hundreds of vendors. I am pretty sure there is one of EVERYTHING at Canton and the food isn’t that bad either. Here’s a little bit of what we saw during our February adventure!

We came in and parked by the Cookin’ Cajuns restaurant. Just inside, we were greeted by this gorgeous display!

The next shop that caught my eye in the “Walkway by the Creek” was the gorgeous and fun Harvey Girl booth! Such pretty trinkets! Find them here on Facebook.

I didn’t catch the name of the vendor below (and there was no one around when I came through), but I loved the variety of items in this booth and the way they were displayed! Gorgeous and fun!

The next place we stopped <dead in our tracks> was Rustic Glory! The owner wasn’t there but I talked to her dad. I’m fairly certain I’d put this idea in my list of the top ten most creative things I’ve ever seen at Canton…maybe even top five! I just love how she’s used bits and pieces of hardware, framing, kitchen items, etc. to form the letters. The look is absolutely amazing and I just can’t say enough about how much I love her work! Find Rustic Glory on Facebook here.

Ohhhh, I really love this “Faith” sign. My Nanny had a nutcracker just like that one. This sign makes me think of her.

Recently, I set out on a quest to start a spool and bobbin collection in one day. I paid three or four times as much at local antique shops for the ones I got compared to these huge bins. I am ashamed at my lack of thriftiness…shoulda waited til Canton!  Phooey!

This booth was coordinated by three different ladies working together. Trunks n Treasures, Nicher Antiques, and Your Front Porch all have items in this booth. I loved this eclectic collection of awesome objects!

Lovin’ these boots…and heyyyyyy, Dr. King!

Here’s even more goodness from the same booth!

Canton also has stuff for the men in our lives.  See photographic evidence below.

Speaking of men, there’s two of mine.  The husband is on a mission to find food in this pic!

And he’s successful.  He loved his Smokin’ Don’s ribeye sandwich.  I had the brisket sandwich and it was DIVINE.  <Seriously awesome food on wheels>

Canton also has brand new stuff…like bedding and linens!

And tons of really, really old stuff.  But we were making our way out…

“In Rust We Trust” made me giggle.  Lots.

We were almost out…but stopped by this last vendor!

I love these letters!

This vendor, The Gypsy Pearl, always has awesome pretties!

Hubby and I ooooh’d and aaaaah’d over this old stove!

….and then…we were FINALLY OUT!  To my favorite, mostest bestest part of Canton – the open air vendors!!  Here’s where you find the deals and the treasures, people!  Don’t misunderstand me, there’s goodness to be had in the buildings, too…but if you are a junker and a savvy shopper like me, you’ll want to make a beeline for this part.  Promise.

You can still eat out here.

See those big coffee sacks hanging up over there?  Yeah, those were awesome and only a couple bucks each.  Score!


There’s a lot of stuff out here.

It’s like a humongoid yard sale with funnel cakes.

Chinese checkers…oh the memories!

So, that was my awesome day at Canton.

I walked away with six old windows to clean up for resale, an antique mason jar filled with interesting old marbles, a bag full of burlap coffee sacks, several items to spray paint and repurpose, a few frames to paint and play with, and a few other odds and ends.

Oh…and the Happy Days Diner in the Canton Civic Center has the BEST grilled cheese…EVER.

I’m soooo looking forward to going back!  I just love Canton!!




  1. great pics & vendors!

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