Droopy Daisy Crafting Duels – February Edition!

The February Droopy Daisy Crafting Duels begin now!

To participate, please follow the rules as detailed below. If you have any questions, please email droopydaisy@gmail.com. I will post a FAQ if necessary or clarify as we go along – since this is our first one, be gentle with me 🙂

Required Materials

Twine – You must incorporate twine into your design in some fashion – no more than three yards.

Hardware store – You are required to use at least five items but no more than twenty items from a hardware store that cost less than $5 total for all items (regular price without coupon or sale or tax). Items do not have to be the same.

Dollar store – You are required to use two items from Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or other $1 store and each item must not exceed $1 in cost. Items do not have to be the same.

The maximum amount spend on purchasing Required Materials should not exceed $10.

Discretionary Materials

Discretionary materials include the list below. You can use these items freely at your discretion. They are not required or expected but available for you to use if necessary for your design.

Adhesives & glue – including all types of glues and adhesive items and washi tapes.

Tools – including all types of scissors, pliers, cutters, etc. that can be used to create your design but are not a part of the final product.

Paper – plain or kraft type papers are acceptable. Printed paper may not be used unless specified otherwise in contest.

Thread & string – threads and strings can be used sparingly but cannot represent a major focus of your finished product.

Buttons – up to thirty buttons may be used in your finished design.

Ribbon – ribbon is not allowed unless otherwise specified.

Paint – paint is allowed, this includes any type of paint (spray, chalk, craft, etc.)

Naturally available materials – rocks, shells, branches, etc. are cleared for use as long as they were obtained in nature (honor system here). Please use no more than five individual items.

Ink/Pens/Markers/Etc – all writing instruments are allowed but cannot be part of the final design. Stamp ink is acceptable but cannot be used with a commercially available stamp.

How this works!

You have from today until February 20th to work on your design.

By February 20th at midnight, please email your final design’s photo with the info below:

Email Template (send to droopydaisy@gmail.com)

<Attach at least one photo>
Full Name*
City and State
Name of Design** (for voting purposes)

I will choose the best ten designs to post to the blog at droopydaisy.com for voting. Anyone can vote and you are encouraged to ask your friends to vote for you. Only one vote per person, please.

*On the blog, you will only be referred to as “Susie C.” Your full last name will never be used.
**If you don’t choose a name for your design, one will be chosen for you.

So, here’s the steps you need to take:

1. Rustle up the required materials.
2. Get crafty using the required materials and any discretionary materials you need.
3. Complete your design and take flattering photos of it.
4. Email your design to droopydaisy@gmail.com by February 20th.
5. Wait to see if you are one of the Top Ten crafters. The Top Ten will be notified by email and blog.
6. If you make the cut and your finished product is posted, rally support from your friends and family to visit droopydaisy.com to vote for you in the poll there.
7. Voting will end on February 27th and winners will be announced on February 28th.
8. Winner will receive a mini grab box of Droopy Daisy items and craft stash valued at over $20!

Important dates:

February 1 – start date
February 20 – finish and send email to droopydaisy@gmail.com
February 21 – Top Ten selected, emailed, and posted to droopydaisy.com for voting
February 27 – voting ends
February 28 – winner announced (prize shipped within three business days)


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