Thinking Outside of the Craft Store Box – Nuts & Bolts

Thinking Outside of the Craft Store Box – Nuts & Bolts

Last Saturday, I blogged a bit about finding inspiration for your crafting outside of the “Craft Store Big Box.” Creativity is an expression of yourself, of what you are made of. Opening yourself up to the process of creating means that you are always on the lookout for items you can transform into a piece of personal art.

One place where inspiration is hiding is the hardware store. You may have seen a few crafts made with hardware store items or even “pinned” a few. I’m sharing today five of my favorite crafts made from items from the hardware store.

And yes, Home Depot and Lowe’s are still “Big Box” type stores, but don’t stop with just those two options. Check out smaller outfits, too. “Mom and Pop” hardware shops are amazing little places full of crafty possibilities. They are few and far between here in the Metroplex, but worth seeking out. We have a small Ace Hardware that I much prefer over the larger stores because the customer service is amazing. They may not have every single thing a larger store would have, but if I just need a few items, Ace is the place for me 😉

Hardware Store Craft Wreath by Besserina

Isn’t this amazing? Read more about this gorgeous and unique wreath here.

Washer Coasters by

Ahhhh, so cute. I love washers! Find out all about how to make these here.

Clamp & Button Necklace by Catherine Ivins

Some metal clamps and other items you probably already have in your stash and a few simple steps and it’s yours!

Or this jewelry idea, again with those lovely washers? Here’s one that I love, but there’s dozens of other washer necklace ideas out there.

Flower Washer Necklace by Ronnie McGrath

Check out how this was made here.

Paint Chip Calendar from Cheltenham Road

There’s so many crafts you can make with paint chips, from art pieces to holiday décor J

So, next time the hubs drags you off to the hardware store, spend a few minutes perusing the aisles for inspiration! And be sure to share with me what you’ve created because I’d love to see!


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