Tart Cup Pendants

I just had to share this with you all!  Such fun and soooo easy.

I came into a mess of tart cups the other day (pretty sure I’ve never said that sentence before, ever.)  I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with them…but then I decided…why not just WEAR one?


Part of my mess of tart cups.

So here’s how I made a necklace out of a tart cup in like five minutes.

First, I smashed down the tart cup just a bit.  Then, I cut a few pieces of blue jeans into rough circles.


Then, I used my big girl thread (you know, not the kind that comes in a $.99 sewing kit) and sewed on a couple buttons to my blue jean pieces to make a little flower.


Then I glued my little flower inside the tart cup.


Yikes, my hands are dry.  Next tutorial…making your own lotion!

Then after I glued the flower, I superglued a little bail to the back.Image

Hard to make it fit, but there’s a little sweet spot in there.  Promise.

Then I put a ball chain through my bail and admired my SUPER EASY and very unique new pendant.





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