To-Do Tuesday: Button Bracelets!

To-Do Tuesday: Button Bracelets!

OK, so…I love buttons.

No, I MORE than love buttons.  I adore them.  I cherish them.  I seek out opportunities to spend time with them.  My button collection is vast and color coordinated.


I’ve been building my collection since I was a teenager.  It fills case after case of those little plastic organizer boxes.  And I keep getting more.

So, I found a tutorial a few weeks ago about a certain type of button bracelet and I decided I had to try it.

I did, and I ended up with this gorgeous grey lovely.


I learned a lot through the process of making that first button bracelet, and I’m going to attempt to teach you with photos…though a video is probably better!

I picked pink because I found a couple of buttons at Hancock Fabrics that just spoke to me <make me into a bracelet, said they>.  I knew I had hundreds of other pink buttons at home I could pair those with, so why not?

Here are the supplies you need:

A length of 3/8 inch or ¼ inch braided elastic sized about an inch larger than your wrist on a fat day

Enough buttons to cover that length in varying sizes (more info below)

Glass seed beads or other very small bead





You will want to lay your buttons out and match up bigger buttons to smaller ones that will top it.  In between your larger buttons, you will place smaller buttons that won’t be layered.  You can do a pattern or make it random.  I tend to randomize it because there will be unexpected gaps along the way.


These are my buttons all laid out.

  1.  After cutting your elastic, sew the ends together.  Make sure it’s not too loose or too tight on your wrist.
  2. Begin sewing on your first large button, the top button, and the seed beads.  Go through the buttons three or four times.  Tie off each button individually as you go.


This photo shows the buttons before they are threaded through.


And here, after they are threaded onto the elastic.

3.   Next, you will want to sew on the second button set just next to the first button.  This will be another set of large button, topper button , and seed beads.  Tie it off individually.

4.  Keep going around the elastic with the button sets adjacent to each other until you come around to where you began.

5.  Now you will notice there is a gap that is visible when you move the bracelet around.  You are going to fill that gap with a smaller button that will still cover the elastic.  Thread the seed beads onto the top of this button.

6.  Go all the way around filling in gaps until the bracelet is complete.  Be careful as you near the end, as the thread likes to grab other buttons <I mean, why wouldn’t it…buttons are cute!>.  Keep your thread as short as you can stand it and that will help.

Here’s what I mean by gaps…


And here’s the completed bracelet!  I just love it.  I need more pink clothes now.


Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to send me your pics when you try this awesome button craft!

I Heart Nap Time


  1. Super cute – I have a bunch of buttons too, but mostly a new collection I started because like the silly girl I was when I gave away my Barbies as a kid, I also gave away my buttons. I wonder if you could use the elastic “wire” like people use to make beaded jewelry bracelets. You could just string it like thread. Hmmm…a thought, and I might have to try both! Thanks for sharing!

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