Family Friday – Bye, Christmas!!

Well, the Christmas decorations are finally starting to come down around our house.  I typically hate the empty post-Christmas look, but with a curious toddler afoot, it’s a welcome change.  My mom and stepdad went home to Alabama today after our late holiday celebration.  They left a toy hurricane behind, and I struggle to find space for all of these new gadgets and gizmos.

My crazy baby <toddler> got a play kitchen, which he adores.  Well, he adores pushing it around and chewing on the plastic spatula and pizza cutter.  Oh, and flinging hard plastic “pizza” squares at anyone brave enough to get within his line of fire.  The older one received way too many Lego sets and a camera which he won’t part with.  I sort of understand.  I got a deco mesh Texas A&M wreath, which promptly replaced the penguin-laden wreath that had been on the door since early December.

And so here we are, staring down the last few months of winter (what winter we get in Texas) and the knowledge that there are no more presents to come for a very long time <except for me – February birthday FTW>.  It’s a bittersweet day today, packing up the last of the ornaments and knowing it may be a few months before we see Nana again.

Here’s hoping your Friday was as productive as you intended it to be and that your weekend is full of fun!


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