Minutesaver Monday

Minutesaver Monday

Today we start a new trend on Droopy Daisy…each day will have a theme and the main post for that day will revolve around the theme.  If you have any wonderful ideas to share with us that fit into a theme, let me know – there’s 51 weeks this year so there’s plenty of ideas to share!

Minutesaver Mondays – tips and tricks to save time in the kitchen and elsewhere around the home!

To-Do Tuesdays – crafts and DIY projects I’ve actually done…not just “pinned” or dreamed of 🙂

Whimsy-Filled Wednesdays – whatever strikes my fancy that doesn’t neatly fit into another category 😉

Terrifically Tasty Thursdays – some of my favorite recipes, either my own creations or others I’ve stumbled upon

Family Friday – a special focus on family matters, particularly devoted to all things toddler and the unique challenges of a blended Christian family

Shop Savvy Saturdays – a focus on new products with crafting appeal or other shopping tips and tricks

Spiritually Aware Sundays – the Scripture I plan to focus on that week and reflections on the previous week

Now on to today’s Minutesaver Monday 🙂

I recently discovered a new use for this guy.


I love my Kitchen-Aid.  I once took him (yes, he’s a boy) all the way to Alabama so I could fix Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house.  He was a hand-me-down from my son’s Grandmother over ten years ago, and he’s still as trusty as ever.  I would love to add polka dots to him…but he is not so sure…

Anyway, with the paddle attachment, plop in some cooked chicken breasts.


And you will get gorgeously shredded chicken in nanoseconds!


Okay, maybe not nanoseconds, but way faster than doing it by hand…and way less yucky!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Melinda Hollander says:

    I am loving your site!

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