Paper Straw, oh how I adore thee!

Today is National Drinking Straw Day.

I know, there’s lots of weird holidays out there.  But this one kinda <sorta> relates to craftiness, so it’s worth celebrating, at least a little bit.

PROOF…from Hallmark (they know about all kinds of holidays)…

National Drinking Straw Day

January 3rd, 2013

On this day in 1888 Marvin Stone patented the paper drinking straw, which replaced the natural rye grass straws that people had been using. 

Rye grass straws?  Blech.  Why even bother?

I love paper straws!  They are cute and functional and colorful and cheap!

Here’s a few awesome crafty ideas with Paper Drinking Straws.

The Paper Straw Wreath – genius!

Woman’s Day featured this idea and they are so simple to make!  You can easily find a tutorial on our friend Pinterest.  I recommend buying the straws on Amazon, unless you want a special color, then try Etsy for more variety.


You can string them together and make a garland.  Super simple.

They are great for food, too…make marshmallow sticks with them (poke the marshmallow and dip it into the chocolate/candy coating/whathaveyou and add sprinkles to match).  Use them in baking by cutting them in half and plopping them in a cupcake to make a milkshake cupcake.  Just fluff up the icing to resemble whipped cream and pop a cherry on top alongside the paper straw.  Use them as an alternative cake pop stick.

I love to see them used to hold up a small bunting across the top of a cake…use matching twine for the string and washi tape cut into triangles for the flags.  So simple!



There are hundreds of types of paper straws to fit ANY party theme.  Add a tag or small flag to the straw to continue the theme…like a “Drink Me” straw for an Alice in Wonderland theme.

There’s something sweet and lovely about a paper straw in a milk bottle – fill it with juice and a label to match the party theme and make sure to invite me.

I love paper straws and I hope you find a way to incorporate them into your next party or event too!

Happy National Drinking Straw Day!


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