New Year, New Toothbrush

Bloggers go wild this time of year!

They want to help you organize your life, your home, your family.  They want to help you lose weight, cook more meals at home, be more active.  I see blogs talking of saving more money in 2013 or getting out of debt.

Every single one of these (and more) are all GREAT things.  There’s also folks who say they will take one picture every day in 2013 or do one craft or make one slow cooker meal a day…and on and on!  Again, all really cool and super neat things to do.

I can’t commit to anything for 365 days IN A ROW.  Well, maybe brushing my teeth, but that’s probably it.  And even then I can’t promise I won’t forget a day or two 😉

I have a loose goal to post a blog every day in 2013, but I will probably miss 20% of the days…and that’s okay.  Quality is far more important than quantity, and if I don’t have anything important to share, I’ll sit over here and be quiet and you’ll wait patiently and later appreciate that I didn’t spend an entire blog discussing how my kid ate a dust bunny because I’m a horrible housekeeper.  Right?

And yes, that happened.  Yesterday.

I’ve never been one to make any resolutions, so I won’t start now.  But these are the things I’m going to focus on in 2013 more than I have in the past…in no particular order.

I’m going to try to allot some ME time in every day, even if it’s just a few minutes extra in the shower or something special I do just for me, like making the dinner I want every once in a while instead of making the dinners everyone else wants.  And to my husband, yes, that means we might have chicken once in a while.   Gasp!  Or maybe I’ll go for a walk even if the house is a mess or there’s a deadline to meet.

I’m going to brag about my husband more, because he’s incredibly amazing and I don’t tell him that near enough.

I’m going to work really hard to praise my kids for the good things they do ten times more than I correct them for the bad things they do.

I’m going to stick to our family Bible reading schedule this year instead of falling behind and eventually forgetting to do it altogether and then coming up with some other schedule mid-way through the year that we also fall behind on a month or so later.

These things are all simple enough and don’t require any huge personality changes, just small nudges to take better care of myself, love my husband better, love my kids better, and love God better.  I’m pretty sure I can do this and still get my teeth brushed every day.

Oh.  And I’m going to try to make sure my toddler doesn’t eat anymore dust bunnies.  No promises.


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