Family Time

I’ve taken a few days off, mostly because if I bury myself in my office to post, my currently-on-vacation hubby will aimlessly drift around the house calling my name, first in curiosity, and then later in concern when I don’t answer, because I’m feverishly trying to finish the post before being located.

Right now he’s engaged in some movie with a lot of gunfire and rage-y sounds and weighted down by a sleeping baby, so I’m <probably> safe!

He’s been on vacation since Christmas Day, Tuesday.  Today is Thursday, I think.  It’s all a big blur of being home, hanging out, watching TV, playing with the kids, going out to eat, and driving around looking at Christmas lights in different neighborhoods.  It’s lovely.  Simply lovely.  He goes back to work on Monday and we will delve into reality then.

We don’t often get the chance to just be TOGETHER.  I cherish it.  The sleeping in is nice, the freedom is divine…but it’s more than that.  It’s beautiful to just be home together when it’s chilly outside, nowhere in particular to go, nothing in particular to do.  Sometimes it’s nice to just stop and breathe and kiss your kids and hubby because they are adorable, and not because you are sending them off to school or work for the day.

Today the older two spent a good hour just playing with Play-Doh, making a castle.

Sometimes the simple things can be the most beautiful.

And excuse the rusty baking sheet.  Under penalty of something close to death, they were forbidden to use my nice cookie sheets 🙂

I will be back to posting Daily Daisies <Lord willing> after this family fest has concluded…until then, I leave you with my husband and older son’s artwork!Image




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