Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses

Last night, before my fifth grader departed to visit his dad for Christmas, I surprised him with a gingerbread house to decorate.  I don’t think we did one last year, in my postpartum hormone and sleep-deprived haze.  We could have, and maybe I blocked it out.  I’ve almost blocked out the memory of me ripping the tree apart {completely apart} including ripping the branches from the post, because it wasn’t “fluffy” enough and I wasn’t happy with it at all.  Everyone had left to go run an errand and I was home alone with a six-day-old baby who gave me that stern old man look all babies do, but when he was watching me tear the tree apart, I’m pretty sure he meant it.  My family came home and I was sitting in a pile of branches and lights and ripped-from-the-tree ornaments and I explained that the tree had to be perfect for the baby’s first Christmas.  Clearly I needed electroshock therapy at that moment.

But anyway, I’m pretty sure we haven’t done gingerbread houses since 2010.  So, we did one.

I gave G-Bot full reign on the project, save a little bit of fondant work I did, because he’s slightly terrified of fondant {I think he has heard me yell and scream at it a time or two whilst making his birthday cakes}.

I’m starting to sound like a psychopath.  Not my intent.

On to the sugar house.

A little heavy-handed with the icing,maybe.  But a great job for his first time laying sugar shingles.


Take note of the door and windows.  They are about to disappear!


I really love the detail on the roof.  I made the little red things.  I’m not sure what they are.  I think the house is on fire.


Door and windows gone, replaced by new red door and tree and way oversized Christmas present.


This guy is glued to the back of the house.  He’s Creepy Greengerbread.  We love him.


So, that’s that…another gingerbread house in the books and I’m now counting the minutes until my boy comes home on Wednesday at noon.



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