Kids say the MOST PROFOUND things.

Today’s Daily Daisy is a lesson I learned…a very unexpected one.

A few nights ago, as is his custom, G-Bot (the fifth grader), texted me after he went to bed.  Usually it’s an “I love you, mom” or “Mom, you’re so boss for XYZ thing you did for me” or something along those lines.  Lately, he’s been excessively tired during the day, so I told him no distractions at bedtime…just go to sleep.

My phone buzzed with the little robot buzzing sound that is assigned to him.

“Can I have music on?”

Knowing how hard it is for him to sleep listening to the sounds of the house settling, I answered…

“Very low.”

A good ten minutes went by and hubby and I were watching Homeland (best show ever) downstairs, when my phone buzzed again…


Oh boy, I thought.  Here comes a Discipline Moment.  He has surely taken the Lord’s name in vain, and he clearly doesn’t understand what he’s done.  I showed the text to hubby and he agreed, so I texted him to come downstairs.  I was mentally preparing to sit him down, explain to him how he shouldn’t be so frivolous with the name of the Lord, and have a really excellent teaching moment with him.

It turned into a teaching moment for me.

He bounded down the stairs…”What’s up?”

“What was your last text about?” I asked.

“Which one?  Praise God?”

“Yes, that one.”

“I was just saying that God is so awesome!  I was finishing praying and I was just thinking about how awesome and amazing God is and how we should just PRAISE him!  So I wanted you to know!”

“Oh.  Yes, He is!  He is worthy to be praised.  I’m glad you shared that with me.  Now go on to bed.”

Hubby and I just looked at each other.  We got schoooooled.

G-Bot is a pretty great kid.


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